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Annie at Hough High! You may have missed the performance...but here are some highlights....

I can't believe this was a high school performance!  The technical aspects as well as the acting, singing and dancing was top notch!  Congrats on a wonderful performance, Huskies!

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The Arnett Boys are Graduating! Congratulations to two of the nicest young men one can find representing my alma mater...NMHS!  So proud to share that Viking Spirit with you guys!  Coach Camp has been impressed with you on and off the court for all four years.  We wish you all the best!

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why i love teaching i try to remind my students to never let school get in the way of their education.  i think that's why they like me.  Here's a few enjoying the school dance.  woot!  woot!

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Omnisolv-the anti-cubicle I had blast last week with an office shoot.  I was expecting cubicles and tie straightening, but these yahoos wanted action shots!  It was right down my alley.  We shared some sweet moves from kid n play to thriller.  Next time I will have a soundtrack in the background.  Seriously, does this look like work?  The friendly atmosphere and the uninhibited subjects made for a fun day!

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MCM - McMillan Construction Management Check out the latest postcard design...

If you are in the market for upgrading your home, Mike McMillan is your hook up!  He built the snazzy new veteran's monument in Cornelius.  YOu can see those shots in "In the Community" folder .Hope you like them!Front-Brown_Card

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Blogging's so intimidating!

Hey!  What do you know?!  I can blog.  Thanks, Zenfolio.  Well, I guess I'll take it out for a test drive...Okay, so I am realizing most of you really just want to know can I take good pictures and if I am somewhat cool enough to hang around for the amount of time it takes to get the job done.  I think I do and I am and I am affordable to boot!  So let me know when we can book a shoot!  I really didn't mean to bust out a rhyme like that, but I did and I like it.  So it stays!  

So I haven't really processed how I feel about blogging and I have no proof that my time in not in vain.  How silly to spend time writing if no one is reading.  I know I must come up with something profound and interesting in order to hook some followers but that just sounds like homework and I was always intimidated with writing.  I have some really good writer friends out there.  So, speak up Dana, Karin, Tara...etc.  Take advantage of my platform and let your voice be heard!

Until I find some inspiration, I'll just do what I aimed to do in the first a shoot...Hough High's version of Our Town by Thorton Wilder.  You can find it under "In the Community".  Their next play is the musical Annie.  I'll be there singing along!  Who wants to sit beside me to make sure I don't dance?  But beware...I played a really mean Pepper back in '95...she just may come out and give somebody a "knuckle saaaandwhich" if they try to hold me back!  No, really.  I did


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